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Pierobon X60R on stand
7 years ago

Pierobon X60R: Ducati, But Not Ducati

Pierobon X60R on stand

Pierobon is an Italian logo, renowned for extraordinary achievements in the world of racing. It has introduced new Pierobon X60R in Milan. The Pierobon X60R is a custom sportbike features an air-cooled Ducati v-twin power engine with a maximum output of 95 hp at 7,500 rpm.

The sleek-looking Pierobon X60R includes trellis frame alloy of Aluminium 7020 high strength; swingarm boxed aluminum created to improve the performance of the bike. The Pierobon X60R street version is equipped with fork and rear shock from Ohlins. With Pierbon’s wide experience in the racing scene; we can imagine how much fun an X60R would be on the track. You will find several photos following the jump that might inspire you.

Pierobon X60R

Pierobon X60R Side view

Pierobon X60R in Milan

Pierobon X60R engine

Pierobon X60R speedo meter

Pierobon X60R fron back view

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