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Phébus 1903 Tricycle Photos
5 years ago

Phébus 1903 Tricycle

Phébus 1903 Tricycle Photos

In 1895, the French manufacturer De Dion Bouton began to produce three-wheeled motorized bicycles, which at one time were in great demand. Over the years, the French manufacturer improves the design of his tricycle, and many smaller manufacturers have begun to produce such mopeds using motors De Dion Bouton.

At the turn of the century three-wheeled moped Phébus (Greek demigod Apollo) was one of the most popular models. It was equipped with 2.75-horsepower engine that was a very good indicator for the end of the 19th century. In 1899, the English racer Charles Jarrott reached an astounding speed 39 miles / hour (63 km / h). In the same year French rider Beconnais won the Coupe des Motocycles de l’Automobile-Club de France in 1899 on a Phébus tricycle. He rode the 100-kilometer distance in 1 hour 46 minutes (average speed of 57 km / h). You can see the beautiful photographs of Phébus 1903 Tricycle that is equipped with a carburetor De Dion Bouton and 326-cc (74×76 mm) 1-cylinder De Dion Bouton, who develops 2.75 hp capacities. This instance is found in Belgium about 30 years ago. 25 years ago it was restored, after which for many years was part of a moped Phebus private collection. Collectible price is 60 000 EUR.

Phébus 1903 Tricycle Pictures

Engine of Phébus 1903 Tricycle

Phébus 1903 Tricycle Engine

Phébus 1903 Tricycle Images

Phébus 1903 Tricycle LOGO

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