Killer Military Girls From Forces of 48 Countries

Pakistan Military Girl

Well, from my point of view if these girls participate in any beauty contest obviously these can easily win any beauty contest but on the other hand these military girls seem absolutely ready to protect their respective countries. Just take a look at all pictures and discuss! which country’s military has most beautiful and brave girls? Feel free to share your views in comments!

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25 Most Extreme Female Bodies

This article is about the 25 most extreme and amazing female bodies ever from smallest to largest, including most shortest, most longest, most old, most pierced, and so on… On the top in our list is Svetlana Pankratova, this women has longest legs in the world.

1. The world’s longest legs

Svetlana having longest legs in the world, and she looks amazing. Her pins reaches to a length of 132cm. The world’s smallest man Mr Pingping photo with Svetlana shows that he is coming just to Pankratova’s knees. The above photo-shoot was taken at the occasion of launching the new Guinness Book of World Records.

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