Artist Creates Motorcycles Out of Watch Parts To Blow Your Mind

Dmitriy Khristenko, a USA-based ukrainian-born artist, creates miniature replicas of motorcycles and other vehicles (such as quad bikes, tricycles and bicycles), all built entirely from recycled wristwatch parts. The wristbands are circled into tires while the glass of each timepiece face becomes the windshield of these model-sized vehicles. After khristenko disassembles each watch to begin […]

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23 Incredible Portraits of Bikers

FaceBike Project 2014 at Moto Clube Faro Portugal

Epaillard + Machado are professionals photographers, working as a team mainly in architecture and portrait photography. These portraits of bikers were captured at the Moto Clube Faro meeting in south Portugal. This motorcycle meeting is one of the biggest in the world with about 50000 bikers involved certain years. It was created in 1982.

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