Ossa Monocasco Concept Bike by Art-Tic Team

Monocasco Electric Bike

Monocasco Electric Bike

The Monocasco concept bike designed by Art-Tic is an electric version inspired by the original Ossa monocasco bike of Santiago Herrero. Sabtiago died riding his Ossa Monocasco, in the 1970 Grand Prix. The Monocasco is a modern take on the original Ossa bike, ideal for the eco-friendly city commuter.

The bike is still in the development stage, the company has also released some photos demonstrating the several models for the Monasco concept bike, all of which encompass a retro appeal with a smooth, modern design. Check out some of the photos of this electric bike concept below.

Monocasco Concept Bike by ART-TIC

Green City Bike Concept

Monocasco Concept Bike by ART-TIC Team

Monocasco Electric Bike

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