New Sidi Motorcycle Boots: Sidi Gas and Sidi Mythos

Sidi Mythos Motor Boots

Sidi Mythos Motor Boots

The company Sidi has introduced new short motor boots named Sidi Gas and Sidi Mythos. Both are created for riding a motorcycle, and a comfortable walk. Sidi Gas is beautiful short motor boots with stylish leather, suede design and minimal protection. Obviously, the boots are designed for wearing only a good sunny weather.

Specification of Sidi Gas:
Special lapel, providing protection and freedom of movement
Velcro hook
Hidden pocket in the tongue
Additional external insert
Rubber inserts gear
Rubber outsole
Price from $ 120

New Sidi Mythos Motor Boots

Sidi Mythos Motor Boots

Sidi Mythos is included in a best Sidi Design Series (SDS). It is a low cut riding shoe.

Specification of Sidi Mythos:

Technology Sidi Design Series (SDS)
Membrane Gore-Tex (waterproof, breathable)
Black suede leather + nylon mesh fabric
Lacing + Velcro fastener
Internal protection heels, ankles and toes
Removable insole
Branded rubber sole, slip
Special insert in gear
Dual firmware
Reflective inserts
Price from $ 225

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