New Sidi Mag-1 Boots - Video and Pictures
6 years ago

New Sidi Mag-1 Boots – Video and Pictures

New Sidi Mag-1 Boots - Video and Pictures

Sidi Company has a reputation for producing top-class motorcycle boots. The Italian manufacturer has been working tirelessly on the development of products and technologies, resulting in the development of new motor boots Sidi Mag-1. Most likely new model will replace the Vortice, which for many years was considered the best choice for owners and fans of the sport technology track days.

Sidi Mag-1 Boots sketch

The main plus Sidi Mag-1 is a significant decrease in weight. In fact, new boots is 20% lighter than the Vortice. Sidi Mag-1 weighs only 2 kg (each shoe). Given the amount of protection, it can be said that the weight is just nothing. It is also important to note the clasp. In general, the concept has not changed, but now uses magnets, which can greatly simplify the process of adjusting buckles. Sidi Vortice owners should confirm that clasp was not the most comfortable, and so engineers Sidi worked on this aspect.

From a design point of view, the Sidi Mag-1 looks more stylish and refined as part of protecting cleaned the inside of the shoe. Besides, it makes sense in terms of security. Protection of moving parts is hidden inside, so they do not cling to the bike or running boards, and do not break down when exposed to asphalt. In this case, Sidi Mag-1 won in the design and protection of the ankle.

Sidi Mag-1 Boots

As usual, many of the details of shoes Sidi Mag-1 removable and attached with screws. In the event of a fall damaged components can be replaced to save on buying new Motorboat.

Sidi Mag-1 Boots Photos

In general, we can say that Sidi made tremendous progress, releasing Sidi Mag-1. Italians have improved every aspect of shoes, making them more compact, lightweight and stylish.

Approximate cost of SIDI Mag-1 is $500.

Sidi Mag-1 Boots Pictures

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