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New Scooter Vespa Primavera 2014
6 years ago

New Scooter Vespa Primavera 2014

New Scooter Vespa Primavera 2014

At the upcoming EICMA 2013 in Milan Piaggio company will provide all its new products, including the new scooter Vespa Primavera 2014, the original model which was released back in 1968. Like 45 years ago, a scooter Vespa Primavera has lightweight design, good performance and simplicity.

The modern model of Vespa Primavera 2014 is an innovative, technology-based, easy and dynamic ecological machine with a radical new design and steel bodywork. Scooter Vespa Primavera will be available in several versions: 50 2T, 50 4T, 125 and 150 3V (last two – the new 3- valve engines).

The appearance of the model Vespa Primavera is a logical step after the release of the successful model 946. For the first nine months of 2013 Vespa sales reached 146,600 units, up to 21.3% over 120,900 units. It is sold during the same period of last year. The Italian company is progressing with each passing year.
The quantity of Vespa Scooters that art sold:
In 2004, sales amounted to only 58,000 units,
In 2006 are 100,000 units,
In 2009 – 122,000 units,
In 2012 is a record of 165,000 units.. which will be broken in 2013.

Girl and Boy on Vespa Primavera 2014

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