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kickboxer diesel awd-ian mcelroy
8 years ago

New Kickboxer Diesel All Wheel Drive Concept

kickboxer diesel awd-ian mcelroy

Here’s a crazy concept almost any bike enthusiast should see and be aware of. Ian McElroy has developed this radical looking motorcycle with a diesel boxer lump at the heart of the action. Kickboxer is a really wild concept powered by the Subaru WRX engine. The diesel engine is more compact and efficient than the old gasoline lump.

McElroy worked up a dual-chain drive design that uses a jack shaft, idler sprocket, and a drive axle. The swing arms, turbo layout and the bodywork have been given an overhaul. Lightweight, with a composite bodywork the bike has an under seat radiator, LED lighting, front mounted intercooler, and under engine turbocharger. All the characteristics implied that this motorbike has some standards for bike lovers. Enjoy the pictures below!

Kickboxer AWD bike

Kickboxer diesel motorcycle concept by Ian McElroy

Kickboxer AWD diesel motorcycle concept by Ian McElroy

kickboxer diesel concept

kickboxer diesel awd-ian mcelroy

kick boxer diesel

kickboxer diesel awd

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