New Honda Street Bikes – Street Motorcycles

17YM CBR650F

I’ll put my vote in for any year of a honda street motorcycle. It’s well built reliable.
The real advantage for the honda street bikes is that they’ve been built from 1985 thru 2018. You can buy a clean used model for about $1800-2000.00, ride it for six months to a year, make sure you replace any damaged parts from when you drop it, and then sell it to another beginner for about the same money you paid for it.

honda street bike models

CRF1000LD Africa Twin DCT 17YM CBR650F 17YM CB650F 2017 CB500X 2017 NC700X DCT 2017 NC700X 2017 VFR1200X DCT 2017 VFR1200X 2017 CB500X ABS 2016 NC700X DCT ABS

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