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Nembo Super 32 Motorcycle
7 years ago

Nembo Super 32: A Motorcycle With an Upside Down Engine

Nembo Super 32 Motorcycle

The Italians have described this Nembo 32 modern café racer as a complete novelty in the world of motorcycling. The idea behind the Nembo 32 is that by turning the engine upside-down it can use the crankcase as a structural part of the chassis without putting any loads through the cylinders or cylinder head.

Super 32 bike has an exciting shape, is very light, with a dry weight ranging between 140 kg and 155 Kg depending on the requested outfit.  Daniele Sabatini stressed the 32 is not designed as a pure race bike, it’s a road bike you can enjoy on the track. The 1814cc engine on the dyno is delivering power and torque above expectations with no vibrations.

Nembo 32 Motorcycle on stand

Nembo 32

Nembo 32 uspidedown engine bike

Nembo 32 Motorcycle parts

Nembo Motorcycle

Nembo 32 on road

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