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Motorcycle Horex VR6 Classic
6 years ago

Motorcycle Horex VR6 Classic

Motorcycle Horex VR6 Classic

Long time no news of a small German manufacturer Horex, which began shipping the first motorcycle Horex VR6 Roadster. The company announced the second model Horex VR6 Classic, which is designed for a wide range of consumers.

Biker on Horex VR6 Classic

Motorcycle Horex VR6 Classic is restyled and redacted version of the Horex VR6 Roadster. Ultra-compact model Classic engine produces only 124 horsepower, while the Roadster is set to unit capacity of 161 hp Among other changes can be identified connecting the exhaust pipe 6 to 2, the control unit reprogrammed (more torque at low revs, but less than the peak, a total of 120 Nm 🙂

From an aesthetic point of view, your eye is drawn spoke wheels, red-painted silver, stylish leather saddle.

Horex VR6 Classic Pictures

Other features: Sachs rear shock instead of the WP model Roadster. In Europe, the new bike will be priced at 24,500 € (28,700 € – in Austria, 28,900 CHF – Switzerland).

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