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Marshall Dicycle Concept
6 years ago

Marshall Dicycle A Disco Motorcycle Concept by Yuhan Zhang

Marshall Dicycle Concept

Designer Yuhan Zhang has developed a futuristic concept Marshall Dicycle electric motorcycle with two wheels arranged in parallel, rather than along. Furthermore, the wheels can be used as amplifiers for connecting tools, the concept is designed specifically for musicians.

Marshall Amplification is the largest manufacturer of musical instruments, guitars and amplifiers which are highly valued. The company has a rich history and has gone through a lot, including the electronic revolution. Concept Marshall Dicycle unique in its design to rock music and motorcycles. Frankly, such products can hardly be in demand, but as the idea may very well be. In fact, the machine is suitable only musicians, travelers who are gypsy lifestyle and give concerts anywhere.

Marshall Dicycle Concept images

Marshall Dicycle Concept Photo

Marshall Dicycle Concept photos

Marshall Dicycle Concept Pics

Marshall Dicycle Concept pictures

Marshall Dicycle Concept sketches

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