Magnus-reinvention of Chang Jiang 750 by Bandit 9

Bandit 9 is a custom motorcycle designing company based in Beijing. The company has recently introduced their second bike which is based on the China-made Chang Jiang 750 called ‘Magnus. The form of the bike is very different from the usual Chang Jiang. Great idea and stunning finish, Magnus look like it’s made out of stone.

The first thing to notice about Magnus is its distinct color. Magnus is burnt rather than painted through a method that Daryl learnt in art school. Daryl took a blowtorch and lit the tank, frame and fork on fire and then removed the burnt layer to show the industrial patterning. One of these Steampunk-looking Magnus will set you back $8,000. Have a look!

 Magnus chang jiang bandit 9

Magnus by Bandit9

Magnus by Bandit9 frame and  fork

Magnus by Bandit9 speedo meter

Magnus by Bandit9 front

Magnus-reinvention of Chang Jiang 750 by Bandit 9

Source: Bandit 9

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