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6 years ago

“Laado” – 1942 BSA M20

The owner of “Laado” is Vijay and runs a custom shop in Rajasthan. Laado means sweetest or precious in Rajasthani language. Vijay went to his friend Jhon Harwood at his design studio/factory, to learn the art of bike making. Jhon Harwood also an avid “British biker” and have a common love for two wheels like Vijay.

Vijay takes the headlight of a WWII BSA M20 and replaced spark plugs, oil, change the air filter. After this Vijay built a few brass parts and had them engraved as highlights and went on to overhaul the engine and gearbox. You could see that he did not chop any on the original M-20. Check out the wonderful photos of this unique bike.


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