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Kyrgyz by Kraus Motor Co
7 years ago

Kyrgyz: A Sexy Custom Motorcycle by Kraus Motor Co.

Kyrgyz by Kraus Motor Co

The Kraus Motor Co. is based in the mountains of Cazadero, in Northern California, a shop with a vision as original as the bikes that leave it and roll through the canyons. This Kraus Motor Company design is called the Kyrgyz and features a number of unique design cues which, combined, create a visual tour-de-force.

The Kyrgyz was hand crafted from spirit and passion. It is powered by a low-mounted 1965 Harley-Davidson panhead, the frame was all fabricated by hand and upon completion was nickel-plated. Another eye-catching design element of the Kyrgyz is its raked out front forks, topped with classic bicycle-inspired handlebars. A cool finishing touch on this bike is the five golden rings on the oil bag that represents one of the samurai sword strategies, earth, water, fire, wind, and void. Check out!

2007 Kraus Custom Kyrgyz


2007 Kyrgyz headlights

Custom Kyrgyz side view


Kyrgyz on stand

Source: The Kraus Motor Co.

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