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KYMCO G5SC Engine Details and Pictures
6 years ago

KYMCO G5SC Engine Details and Pictures

KYMCO G5SC Engine Details and Pictures

KYMCO Xciting 400i is the first Taiwanese scooter manufacturer, which is equipped with a new engine G5 SC (Supercharged). Of course, the innovative unit established to further improvement for operational performance, reduce costs and indicators of harmful emissions. Radically new, lightweight and compact engine is available only in the working volume of 400 cm3, but soon plan to expand the range of engines G5. According KYMCO, 400-cc engine G5 SC 20% more powerful than any analog competitors (the same applies to the torque) in performance is more like a 500-cc engine, but it is much more compact in size.

Specification and Features:

Working volume of 399 cm3



Power of 26.5 kw (36.1 hp) at 7500 rev / min

Pressure of 10.6 kg / cm ² (hence the marking “sc” – supercharged)

The ratio of the stroke to its diameter: 0,857 (this figure allowed to achieve good power at low volume, as well as reduce the centrifugal forces, etc.)


High-quality photos of KYMCO G5 SC (SuperCharged) engine:

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