Killer Military Girls From Forces of 48 Countries


Pakistan Military Girl

Well, from my point of view if these girls participate in any beauty contest obviously these can easily win any beauty contest but on the other hand these military girls seem absolutely ready to protect their respective countries. Just take a look at all pictures and discuss! which country’s military has most beautiful and brave girls? Feel free to share your views in comments!

48 Photos

Israeli Military Girls

South Korean Military Girl

Italian Military Girl

Russian Military Girl

Poland Military Girl

Czesh Republic Military Girl

Austrian Military Girl

Indonesian Military Girl

Chinese Military Girl

UK Military Girl

Canadian Military Girl

Taiwan Military Girl

Norway Military Girl

Estonian Military Girl

Portuguese Military Girl

US Military Girl

Peruvian Military Girl

Netherlands (Holland) Another Canadian Military Girl

Serbian Military Girl

Algerian Military Girl

Greece Military Girl

Lithuanian Military Girl

Finnish Military Girl

Switzerland Military Girl

Romanian Military Girl

Vietnam Military Girl

Brazilian Military Girl

Japanese Military Girl

Iranian Military Girls

Colombian Military Girl

Belgium Military Girl

Ukrainian Military Girl

Mexican Military Girl

Turkish Military Girls

French Military Girls

Nepali Military Girl

Indian Military Girl

Australian Military Girl

Polish Military Girl

New Zealand Military Girl

Spanish Military Girl

Kosovo Military Girls

Bahrain Military Girls

German Military Girls

Swedish Military Girl

Kenyan Military Girls

Chilean Military Girl

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109 responses

  1. Pretty cool to see the different uniforms, as a 15 year Canadian Military member, I liked seeing this.

    A few things though:

    1. The Holland girl, is a Canadian, she is wearing CADPAT and has an Air force beret with the logistics cap badge on it.

    2. I admit I was a little embarrassed when I saw the Canadian girl, walking around in the field without her hat on, and with flowers sticking out of her gear.

    If that was my unit, she’d be charged out of the ass for that, its unprofessional and against many of the standing P&P’s.

    • @Sig

      1. The Holland girl, is a Canadian, she is wearing CADPAT and has an Air force beret with the logistics cap badge on it.

      2. I admit I was a little embarrassed when I saw the Canadian girl, walking around in the field without her hat on, and with flowers sticking out of her gear.

      Hello Sig, Thank you for stopping by and correcting us ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m making proper edits to this post.
      The Canadian girl walking with-out hat is certainly having some fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ho the New Zealand Military girl is wearing the Australian Flag on her uniform and that’s something no KIWI soldier will do. We love our Aussie cousins but not that much.


  4. pakistani Military girls are best and brave in the whole world. we proud to be pakistani Military girls and God may keep them and pakistan his PAK HIFZO AMAAN. Ameeen Suma Ameeeen

  5. hey indians ka mazaq mat urao yaaar woh bechari aik hafty se beagair khaye piye lar rhi theeee.heheheheh ๐Ÿ™‚ kuch khany ko nahi mila lizards kha k guzara kar rhi the

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  7. iranian are the excelent militry and they are verey good and also pakistani militry are the beast militry we are proud on them

    $/-/@/<!r (sweet)

  8. ther is no afghani militry girle
    whay! afghanistan have an excelent female militry plz brink there pictures?

    if you are not brink there pictures we dont like you’r this magazine

    $/-/@/<!r (sweet)

  9. East n West Pakistan is the Best

    pakistan have good military
    and its women military are also good
    salam to pakistan

  10. Hi.Honor to have veil ladies in Iran.
    See the countries culture and compare them!
    veil ladies are the best in iran.

  11. My dear friend why are you depicting Indian army in such a jokingly way by putting the pic of a girl who is looking so lean and feeble,plz dont make the mockery of Indian Defence…cant you put some better picture and save the further embarrassment to our Elite Armed Forces….

  12. on the top Iranian military girls are looking so smart and brave then is the list:
    Pakistan, south korean, italian,estonian, portuguese,serbian,veitnam,brazilian,ukrainian,nepali and kenyan

  13. turkish military ghirls are beautifull and i frod of u iranin ghirls thet u show thet u r frome islmic country (proud of u) frome baloch

  14. I just want to add a little correction for the Indonesian military girl.

    1st, it is not a military uniform, actually it is a police woman uniform

    2nd, the girl in the pic is not from the police force and/or the military. Actually she is just an actress dressed in the police woman uniform celebrating the Indonesian police force birthday.


  15. I like USA & UK Military girls, They are really beautiful among Military Girls Pics, therefore I like to be with them as their colleques.

  16. “Kosovo girl” is actually a Serbian woman.
    The badge on the beret is of former Yugoslavia, which army was made of Serbs.
    To the Indian guy that thinks Indian girl is embarrassment, I think not, by the stance and fierce look, that woman is ready and capable to obliterate anything on her path, unlike others (with exception to Iranian girls), so rejoice my friend.
    As far as looks, I’d go with Greek and Romanian girls…



  18. Lol, If they knew the consequences of being captured they would think twice about what they are doing, lol

  19. my mom and family could do better pictures in battle dress and work to the dress of military. but great pics hate to meet you all.

  20. Israeli Military Girls, Swedish Military Girl, Kosovo Military Girls, German military girls, New Zealand Military Girl, Japanese Military Girl,Pakistan Military Girl, Israeli Military Girls,South Korean Military Girl, Italian Military Girl, Chinese Military Girl, Norway Military Girl, Estonian Military Girl, yes, i know, a huge list, but i cant figure which one is my favorite~!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. who the fuck are all of you arabs commenting on the paki and iranian militaries? You’re so fucking retarded, and allah is fake.

  22. All the military girls are great as far as they are accepted and loved by their own respective countries. But i must reply to earlier comment that he is such a thick headed dumb fool who lacks basic grooming. And you fucking baboon, no one has given u the damn right to comment upon ALLAH ALMIGHTY. Think before you speak. If you are not illiterate do read about ISLAM AND ALLAH ALMIGHTY THE SOVEREIGN POWER OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE from authentic source.

  23. Did you hear about the Beautiful POLISH Army Girl who was told to Blowup a Jeep? She burned Her Lips on the Exhaust Pipe! How does a Female Polish Firing Squad stand? In a Circle!

  24. very ammazing there are many islamic countries army girls but only iranian militry girls are wearing hijab can we say that only iran real islamic country?

  25. Gathering too much Army isn’t matter, The matter is FEED THE GOOD, This is directed to Indian Military girl, kinda gave me a look she need some serious medical attention.

    Come to the point ITALIAN Militray girl RULEZ.

  26. The Kenyan girls are not military but Administration police women. Military women just dress jungle like the rest of the Military personnel

  27. Hello.
    It’s very interesting to know the uniforms of other military females.

    I do have a correction, however.

    Kosovo, not only is not a country, but they do not have a military. So I’m a little confused as to what your source was for that photo and information.

    Thank you :3

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