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7 years ago

Keeway RK600 Street Moto China

Keeway 600 chinese bike

Keeway has announced a new 600 class, four-cylinder Chinese big naked bike. H Keeway is a famous brand by the Chinese group Qiangjiang Group, which begins its journey in 1999  and its European headquarters is situated in Hungary. Its aim is to keep international presence of the Chinese giant in European market. The new 4-cylinder motorcycle will be the first major street, from China, which will be introduced in European markets.

The bike has a very stylish design. The RK6 is an unfaired middleweight bike cheaper than the Yamaha XJ6. RK6 is the perfect mixture of modern and dated accessories. Engine of RK6 is based on older Yamaha R6 design. It has the output of almost 88bhp. The rear shock is mounted off center, the exhaust located under the seat and swing arm reminds SS bikes.

keeway rk600

 Keeway is the first Chinese manufacturer

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