Incredible Bikers World Art by David Mann

David “Dave” Mann was a California graphic artist whose paintings celebrated biker culture, and choppers. Called “the biker world’s artist-in-residence,”[5] his images are ubiquitous in biker clubhouses and garages, on motorcycle gas tanks, tattoos, and on T-shirts and other memorabilia associated with biker culture. Choppers have been built based on the bikes first imagined in a David Mann painting

In the words of an anthropologist studying biker culture in New Zealand, “Mann’s paintings set ‘outlaw’ Harley chopper motorcycles against surreal backgrounds, and distorted skylines, colourful images that celebrated the chopper motorcycle and the freedom of the open road. Many of his images captured the ‘Easyrider’ ethos – speed, the open road, long flowing hair – freedom.” Most of his works were for the motorcycle industry, especially for motorcycle magazines.

Easyriders Artwork 01 Easyriders Artwork 02 Easyriders Artwork 03 Easyriders Artwork 04 Easyriders Artwork 05 Easyriders Artwork 06 Easyriders Artwork 07 Easyriders Artwork 08 Easyriders Artwork 09 Easyriders Artwork 10 Easyriders Artwork 11 Easyriders Artwork 12 Easyriders Artwork 13

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