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Yamaha Zuma 2015 Scooter Images
5 years ago

Iconic Yamaha’s Zuma Line Of Scooters Back For 2015

Yamaha Zuma 2015 Scooter Images

Yamaha has introduced the cult scooter Yamaha Zuma 2015 lineup, which is famous for vigorous engine, reliability, large luggage space under the seat, uniquely designed headlamps, powerful brakes and an aggressive rubber. In 2015 Yamaha Zuma scooter will be available in 3 configurations: 50FX, 50F and 125.

Aggressive scooters Zuma 50FX and Zuma 50F equipped with 49 cc 4 stroke injector motors that have low operating costs (fuel consumption – 56 km / 1 liter). Both models have an electric starter and automatic transmission, which greatly simplifies the management scooter. Zuma 125 Scooter comes with a more powerful 125-cc 4-stroke engine, which is installed in a steel chassis. Among other items, you can select a massive fork and shock, i.e scooter suitable for driving on normal roads and dirt.

Yamaha Zuma 2015 Scooter Blue and Black

Yamaha Zuma 2015 Scooter Photos

Yamaha Zuma 2015 Scooter Pictures

Yamaha Zuma 2015 Scooter Red and Black

Yamaha Zuma 2015 Scooter Red Color

Yamaha Zuma 2015 Scooter

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