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Front view
7 years ago

Icon Sheene: World’s Most Expensive & Powerful Motorbike

Front view

The Icon Sheene is termed as the worlds most expensive and powerful production motorcycle. More than a superbike, the $160,000 machine is an “ultrabike” according to Morris, who designed it in homage to the late Barry Sheene, the British Grand Prix motorcycle world champion. According to Icon Motorcycles, the Icon Sheene achieved 250 bhp at the rear wheel and 133 ft-lb. of torque with 0.4 bar of turbo.

The Icon Sheene motorcycle has been developed in conjunction with some of Barry’s most trusted engineers. The engine is a hand-built, Garrett turbocharged Suzuki GSX1400 air-cooled lump (because it looks like an engine) with Carrillo rods, Wiseco pistons and other competition-spec internals.

 A significant amount of engineering knowhow has been poured into the bike with hand-laid carbon-fiber bodywork, handmade aluminum tank, digital instrumentation, handmade stainless exhaust and rear swing-arm is a work of 3 dimensional engineering pornography. Icon Sheene took five years to develop and is capable of a neck-snapping 200 mph.

Icon Sheene Motorcycle



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Icon Sheene Left side view


Right side view


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