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Horex VR6 set for production
7 years ago

Horex VR6 Roadster Ready for Production

Horex VR6 set for production

Mass production of the new Horex VR6 Roadster is ready to begin from the company’s factory in Augsburg, Germany. The German’s new motorcycle brand is autonomous in terms of marketing concept, technology, design and production. Horex announced it expects production to start in the next few weeks, with the price beginning in the EUR20, 000

Brand new VR6 Roadster is the first model to go into production powered by the naturally aspirated edition of its 1218cc engine. The VR6 will be offered in both supercharged and normally aspirated versions. The factory initially build only pre-ordered bikes, so every bike will be built to the specifications of its owner. Horex is also seeking ISO certification.

horex vr 6 roadster engine in frame

VR6 engine cutaway

Horex VR6 set for production

Slant top pistons in the Horex VR6

Narrow angle cylinder arrangement for the Horex VR6

Source:  Horex

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