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Honda's Incredible CB92 Benly Super Sport
6 years ago

Honda’s Incredible CB92 Benly Super Sport

Honda's Incredible CB92 Benly Super Sport

Honda Benly CB92 Super sport is really amazing and reliable motorcycle. The motorcycle was produced in the period between 1959-1964 years, and has earned the recognition of many fans.

For its time, Honda Benly CB92 was a great bike with good performance, despite the standard. Benly CB92 model is based on a motorcycle Honda CB90, which was designed as a prototype in 1958. Honda Benly CB92 was welcome for many motorcycle enthusiasts, as the Japanese have stood an excellent ratio between style, detail and quality.

Honda's Incredible CB92 Benly Super Sport Chain

Motorcycle Honda Benly CB92 Supersport equipped with 124-cc engine capacity of 15 hp, which is easily enough to accelerate to 136 km / h Despite the fact that the crankshaft was a 360-degree type, engine Honda characterized by simplicity of design of the British equivalent of two-cylinder units: split crankcase with the horizontal slot, chain-driven overhead camshaft. Among other features worth mentioning the steel frame, electric starter, 6-volt battery, kick starter, front drum brake and 203mm rear drum brake 178 mm.

Initially, the front fender and fuel tank have been painted silver, also had a specific bike mount lights and a small windshield. At the time, Honda Benly CB92 popular among adherents Motorcycles Honda, and today highly prized by collectors of Japanese classics.

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