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honda rebel 250cc top speed
2 years ago

Honda Rebel 250cc Full Review and Images

If you like cruisers, the Rebel 250 is common and has the lowest seat height you can possibly find on a motorcycle. Pretty old technology though. The standard riding position of Honda Rebel 250cc good for cities and the suspension is better for choppy pavement.
Honda Rebel 250cc custom bike is a wonderful starting bike. I started two summers ago on a 2015 Honda Rebel 250cc and am still riding it! I’m 6′ and 170 lbs and it is a great fit. As long as the bike will fit you, then I would definitely recommend it! You will never feel like it is out of control because it has too much power, and you will never be tempted to go faster than your experience would allow for safety. The small size of the bike allows you to more easily maneuver at slow speeds, and they can easily handle highway speeds! If anyone ever says that a 250 can’t handle the highway, I would be inclined to disagree. Even a Honda Rebel with 250cc and 5 gears is a highway worthy bike. Also Honda Rebel 250cc riding is crazy fun.

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