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Honda NM4-2 (white)
5 years ago

Honda NM4: ‘Neo-Futuristic’ Concept Motorcycles

Honda NM4-2 (white)

Honda has introduced the concept of Honda NM4, which was “developed under the keywords of ‘the Neo-futuristic’ and ‘COOL,’ pursuing new, unique styling.” The Japanese have developed just two versions: Honda Honda NM4-1 (black) and Honda NM4-2 (white), which are mashup between the company’s DN-01, Valkyrie, and the bike from the anime movie Akira.

Honda NM4-1 (black)

Japanese designers say that the new design concept focuses on two elements: “front massive” styling and a cockpit position. In other items include LED headlights, turn signals, tail lights, as well as panniers for storage (featured on the NM4-2). Underneath the hood is a 645cc, two-cylinder, 54hp engine that has Honda’s dual-clutch transmission.

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