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Honda Motorcycle Sales Down
6 years ago

Honda Motorcycle Sales Down 5% in 2012

Honda Motorcycle Sales Down

The company Honda, the world leader in the production of motor vehicles, has published a report of sales for 2012. It shows that the sales of Japanese Honda motorcycles decreased by 5% compared with the report for 2011. Last year, Honda sold 15.6 million motorcycles, achieving positive indicators in Japan (+1%), North America (+25%) and Europe (+22%).

However, more importantly, Honda began to take positions in the largest markets in terms of sales: South America (14%), Asia (5%), and China (1%). In Asia, Honda sells three quarters of all its bikes, so 5-proentnoe decline in sales in the region has led to a similar decline in the global statistics. Notably, Honda began to build momentum in the developed markets, but apparently reached the limit in Asia and South America.

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