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2 years ago

Honda FT500 Ascot Cafe Racer

The cool thing about Honda ft500 ascot cafe racer is that they are unlike most other modes of transportation, in that while they have practical uses, they are also simultaneously quite fun. I don’t think there are very many people who ride motorcycles and don’t like riding motorcycles. Perhaps it’s the adrenaline from the danger, or the more intense connection to the road and the outdoors that you don’t quite get while locked up in a “cage,” or maybe even it’s just the sheer speed and acceleration achievable on a moderately priced bike.
Honda ft500 ascot cafe racer have thumper engine. Good ground clearance. It’s a good start for a custom build, that is if you are able to see past the 80s plastic fantastic styling, and even more unique if you keep the ‘Comstar’ styled wheels, even though they aren’t the most popular option. Café racer it ain’t, but it would sure cut a mean image tearing down city streets, and the sound would definitely match the imagery.
Starting out with the commuter friendly FT, this model of bike was chosen because of it’s light and agile frame, reliable engine and low seat height. The factory fuel tank was discarded, an Aermacchi Harley Davidson unit sits in it’s place, airbrushed with a city skyline to keep with the ‘Metropolitan’ motif of the bike.

Honda FT500 Ascot Cafe Racer

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