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Honda CB836CR Sentoh
7 years ago

Honda CB836CR Sentoh by AFT Customs

Honda CB836CR Sentoh

This is an amazing Honda CB836CR “Sentoh” by AFT Customs! It is based on a 1976 CB750, and has been fitted with a Wiseco 836 piston and gascet kit. It’s one of those rare bikes that makes you do a double-take with it’s deft, effortless mix of genres yet coherent overall look.

All work on the body associated with welding and tin belong to the girls AFT Customs. In conjunction with the old school mill, AFT kept it real with a kick starter. The styling details are breathtaking, while the exhaust system and the choice of colors are epic. According to Jim the Sentoh’s weight is a pretty comfortable 415 lbs/188 kgs and it’s legal to be ridden on the street.

Honda CB836CR Sentoh custom

Honda CB836CR Sentoh backside

Honda CB836CR Sentoh custom fuel tank

Honda CB836CR Sentoh engine

Honda CB836CR Sentoh silencer

Honda CB836CR Sentoh by AFT Customs

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