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Honda CB450 K0 'Runcible Racer' Details and Pictures
6 years ago

Honda CB450 K0 ‘Runcible Racer’ Details and Pictures

Honda CB450 K0 'Runcible Racer' Details and Pictures

Honda CB450 K0 is one of the most important models in the history of motorcycles. In fact, this model was the first mass-produced motorcycle, which was equipped with DOHC engine. Even today, the Honda CB450 looks good, using popular among customizer.

Honda CB450 K0 'Runcible Racer' Images

A few years ago the Australian motorcyclist Cliff Overton bought a Honda CB450. He had a unique opportunity, and Cliff took it: “I was not looking for a donor, but this bike I found myself”. A friend of Cliff found a motorcycle in a landfill in Colorado and sent it to Australia. Six months later, the bike has finally reached the shores of the green continent. Never before has not altered Cliff motorcycles to the ground, but, this time, he decided to sort out every detail. He paid much attention to the engine and tried to make a classic cafe racer that Honda could release at the end of the 60th.

Honda CB450 K0 ‘Runcible Racer’ Details:

Fuel tank Honda CB K1
Saddle Roc-City Cafe Racers, redone
Steps Dime City Cycles
Sports short exhaust CB450
Original headlight and tidy
Engine, new pistons, rings, crankshaft
Mikuni VM carburetors
new wiring, all new electrical parts except the starter and Stator coil Dyna, ignition PAMCO, Antigravity Battery 8-Cell Lithium Ion
Construction time: 20 months

Honda CB450 K0 'Runcible Racer' Pictures

Honda CB450 K0 'Runcible Racer' Silencer

Honda CB450 K0 'Runcible Racer'  front side photos

Honda CB450 K0 'Runcible Racer'  handle

Honda CB450 K0 'Runcible Racer'  Meter

Honda CB450 K0 'Runcible Racer' engine

Honda CB450 K0 'Runcible Racer' Frpmt Breal and Tire

Honda CB450 K0 'Runcible Racer' fuel tank

Honda CB450 K0 'Runcible Racer' Gear

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