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Honda CB350 Café Racer Specifications and Pictures
5 years ago

Honda CB350 Café Racer Specifications and Pictures

Honda CB350 Café Racer Specifications and Pictures

Honda CB350 Cafe Racer is built by Ivan De Be, who works as a school teacher in Westerlo, Belgium. The basis for the project he used motorcycle Honda CB400 1976, equipped with an engine from a motorcycle Honda CB350 1972. Worth noting that this bike is the first project of Ivan, so it is fully satisfied with the result.

Details of Honda CB350 cafe racer:

  • Front suspension Paioli Forks from an unknown Yamaha motorcycle
  • Wheel: 3-spoke wheels with new Yamaha TZR250 + Kit
  • Brakes Brembo: 4-piston calipers in the front, 2-piston rear
  • Fuel tank: redone, dents under your knees are made with a hammer
  • Paint tank and tail: handmade
  • Exhaust: Supertrapp silencer
  • Clip-on: Gilles Tooling
  • Tidy: only tachometer
  • Engine: moved, new bearings, seals, chains, new pistons, new ignition
  • Carbs: Keihin CR26

Honda CB350 Café Racer Front Wheel

Honda CB350 Café Racer Meter

Honda CB350 Café Racer back light

Honda CB350 Café Racer engine

Honda CB350 Café Racer front light

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