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Harley Davidson is Going to End Its Agreement With The Middle Man In Canada
4 years ago

Harley Davidson is going to End Its Agreement with Deelay Harley Davidson Canada

Harley Davidson is Going to End Its Agreement With The Middle Man In Canada
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Harley Davidson has decided to put an end to its agreement with the distributor Deeley Harley Davidson Canada. They have decided to distribute their products directly to independently own Canadian dealers. Deelay was Harley Davidson’s Canadian distributor since 1973 and this current partnership was going to end on 31 July, 2017. Both sides are currently negotiating the terms and condition and most probably this deal may go off after September this year.

Harley Davidson is now taking everything under its own control. They are following the same decision that they made in recent years by cutting off the middle men in Brazil, Italy and Australia. They will get more control over their dealer’s recruitment, marketing, sales to dealership, retail capabilities and other affairs in Canada. In 2014 Harley Davidson sold 9,871 motorcycles in Canada. Deelay will not run the Harley Davidson Canada operations for long.

Vice President and Managing Director of Harley Davidson North America, Mike Kennedy said, “The contributions of the Deeley organization to Harley-Davidson’s customers and the business in Canada have been tremendous, and we have the highest regard for the entire Deeley team. Deeley has achieved a level of success that has made Canada one of the largest international Harley-Davidson markets over time. We have made this decision to transition to direct distribution in Canada after long and careful consideration, and solely growing out of our global business strategy. We will work closely with the Deeley organization as we finalize a road-map for the future and look forward to leveraging the many opportunities to fulfill dreams of personal freedom for customers.”

President and Chief Operating officer of Deeley Harley Davidson Canada, Malcolm Hunter said, “It has been a true honor to be part of this business we have all built together. We have accomplished so much and are proud of Deeley’s legacy and our enduring contribution to motorcycling in Canada. The entire Deeley organization will work closely with Harley-Davidson to ensure a seamless transition and ensure that Canadian customers continue to enjoy an outstanding Harley-Davidson product, service and support experience.”

[Credits: Harley-Davidson]

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