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Wish You a Great 2013 to All Bikers
6 years ago

Happy New Year 2013 to All Bikers

Wish You a Great 2013 to All Bikers

With all my heart I wish you love, happiness, health, faithful horse that would never break. I wish peace and mutual understanding in your family to surround you only good, responsive and just wonderful people. Let all the old problems will disappear along with the previous year, and the new instant cut by rushing you and your iron horse. I wish you a speedy advance of season, new, incomparable impressions, feelings, positive experiences, different, funny and sometimes crazy, perfect asphalt, adventurous and exciting journey that is always on the road behind you was your guardian angel, who in every way prevent you from falling, deer driving, bad cops, and every adversity in our truly free and subject only to God and the destiny of the way. For those who have not purchased the bike, I wish to buy it as soon as possible, but also do not forget about the defense! :)) BikeGlam wishes to remain as beautiful site! 🙂 Attached as Christmas Moto video :)) Very nice video:
Have a great and prosperous Happy New Year 2013!

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