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Guzzi Ambassador
7 years ago

Guzzi Ambassador by Ritmo Sereno

Guzzi Ambassador

Ritmo Sereno is a pretty well known name in the Japanese custom scene, and its latest output is this fantastic rendition of the Moto Guzzi Ambassador. Moto Guzzi Ambassador is clearly a café-racer in the truest sense. The biggest changes are concentrated at the rear, completely rebuilt in search of “lightness”.

The exhaust now has 2 outputs conical on both sides of the rear wheel. The tank is new too, a stock Guzzi tank that’s been cut and shut to make it narrower and lighter. The final touch is the paint cream with black pinstriping applied with great dexterity by the bizarrely named Crown Stupid paint shop). Take a look!

Guzzi Ambassador by Rhythm Clear

Ritmo Sereno Guzzi Ambassador

Guzzi Ambassador

Guzzi Ambassador seat

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