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Suzuki GSX R1000
5 years ago

10 Of The Greatest So Far Motorcycles by Suzuki

10 motorcycles by Suzuki that every rider should experience. This list includes few famous sports bikes from Suzuki.

Suzuki B-king

10. Suzuki B-king

It’s an amazing ride with the production of 181 horse powers. It is designed beautifully, a comfortable sports bike. It’s a fast bike with very nice braking system. Provide excellent lean angle and stability in cornering.

Suzuki SV650

9. Suzuki SV 650

It was produced in 1999 by Suzuki. It has a sports bike engine in its heart and styling of this bike is awesome. It has a medium sized liquid cooled DOHCV-twin engine that gives power of 70 hp. It gives mid-range torque and is an economical ride. Price of this sports bike is $7,938.

 Suzuki GSF650 Bandit

8. Suzuki GSF650 Bandit

This super-fast ride possesses DOHC inline four with 16 valves engine in its heart and a SACS (Suzuki Advanced Cooling System) combined with air cooling and oil cooling. It has an adjustable seat height which is always good from the rider’s point of view. It provides amazingly effortless overtaking by the smooth work of its engine.

 Suzuki GSX R750

7. Suzuki GSX R750

It has the smoothest engine among all the Suzuki motorcycles. It provides the power of 133 hp with 600 cc and only weighs 163 kg. It is an awesome sports bike with many great features filled with modern technology.

Suzuki RF900 R

6. Suzuki RF900 R

Suzuki always produces reliable motorcycles and this RF900 R is very reliable and smooth runner on the road. It can touch up to 160 mph and possesses 125 hp in the heart. More importantly, this ride is very economical with excellent fuel efficiency.

Suzuki DL 1000 V-storm GT

5. Suzuki DL 1000 V-storm GT

It’s a 1000 cc dual support motorcycle and possesses V-twin engine in its heart. It has a good fuel capacity and efficiency and does not require refueling less than 150 miles. Low seat height makes it good sports bike. Price of the ride is $11,218.

 Suzuki GSX R1000

4. Suzuki GSX R1000

This stylish motorcycle has a bullet proof engine that give out 145 horse power. The GSX R1100 came before this model but this ride is way too lighter and faster.

Suzuki GSF 1200

3. Suzuki GSF 1200

It has an amazing power in its heart. It has 1157cc, 4 cylinder, air/oil cooled DOHC 16 valve engine that works efficiently to provide smooth ride. It features the GSX R engine which is known among the best engines by Suzuki. It provide great lean angle and good control on the twisty roads.

Suzuki GSX-1300 Hayabusa

2. Suzuki GSX-1300 Hayabusa

It is a big superbike with the comfortable seat position and long wheelbase. It has smooth power delivery on the road. This awesome machine can easily reach up to 190 mph. It has beautiful styling and gives high performance and possess excellent finishing quality.

Suzuki GSX 1400

1. Suzuki GSX 1400

It is a smooth ride with 1400 cc engine and powered with all the modern technology. It has a 22 liter fuel tank and can provide 250-300 km touring. Very friendly touring motorcycle and its engine has the most low down torque. Price of the ride is $9,800.

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