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  1. Very possible, it just depends on when? There currently is proof an an exponential increase in the expansion of technology and the price of technology is significantly cheaper than it was in the past.

  2. Will they make a bomb shelter out of glass too? This will probably happen in I’d say a couple hundred years. Keep dreaming.

  3. @Carlo: the technology is here already, I think we’re talking 20-30 years max, b4 we see these things out in public. Not everyone believes the world is ending in 2012 😉

  4. how come everything in the future is touch screen? I personally dislike touchscreen technology and think it will fall by the wayside when the fad is done

  5. For the people who are saying that this will not happen until WAAY in the future think of this. If you went back 10 years ago and told everyone that we would have small devices that can play tons of games, play videos, and surf the web at incredibly fast speeds with no use for a mouse or keyboard because you can just touch the screen and it will respond to that, the would say that you are f***ing crazy.

  6. Quite simply, some of the things in this video will be possible in the near future, heck some of them are possible right now… but a lot of what is shown in this video won’t be possible for decades upon decades.

  7. There is one MAJOR problem here. That is there that they provide no scientific research or proof. An artist did this, not a scientist. It’s no more valid than science fiction.

    That being said, I do believe that this technology will come around eventually. Possibly become widely available in my life time. But the fact that they make no attempt to say how it is possible makes this video nothing more than shiny.

  8. Here’s the one major flaw in all of this: grease stains. Have fun with your extra washing when every glass surface is now a touchable interface. Daily window washing. Windex stock surges.

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