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Frog eBike Concept by Frog Design front view
7 years ago

Frog eBike Concept 2012 by Frog Design

Frog eBike Concept by Frog Design front view

San Francisco-based Frog Design released images of a new electric motorcycle concept, with intent of showing the influence of electric motor technology on motorcycle designs. The model is inspired by the Yamaha FZ750 that using the base Rana Concept. Frog designer Jin Seok Hwang took stylus to hand, and inked what he hopes will be a new influence in modern motorcycle design.

 Basically, Frog eBike Concept design work is a combination of bicycles and motorcycles with lot of artistic style. The eBike’s electric motor is actually located in the hubless rear wheel, while the batteries are housed in the bottom of the chassis. The handlebars are fixed to the chassis so instead of physically moving the front end, the bike uses electronic fly-by-wire steering. The bike is also equipped with an OLED display digital and online connectivity. Take a look!

Frog eBike inspired from 1985 Frog FZ750 Concept

Frog eBike Concept by Frog Design

Frog eBike 2012 Concept

frog design electric motorcycle by jin seok hwang

Frog Design electric motorcycle speedo meter

Frog FZ750 rana

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