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Front View of FALLOUT 3 BIKE
7 years ago


FALLOUT 3 BIKE is standing in a field for attraction of people

Most guys spend their high school years chasing tail, unsuccessfully trying to buy beer and making every effort to look like Kurt Cobain. Lord knows I did. But that isn’t the path Chris Riffel chose for himself, this inspirational high schooler got a group of friends together, talked some teachers into helping and then set about building a fully functioning Fallout 3 bike, right down to the little radiation emblems on the front and rear.

FALLOUT 3 BIKE with big tires for some inspiration

Chris Riffel — a Fallout 3 fan from Regina, Saskatchewan. A graphics arts teacher at Cochrane High School, several students and staff helped him with the construction of his tribute to Fallout 3 — his motorcycle. See and and get inspiration from this amazing model of motorbike.

Front View of FALLOUT 3 BIKE

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