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'Escape Machine' Based on 1977 Yamaha XS650
5 years ago

‘Escape Machine’ Based on 1977 Yamaha XS650

'Escape Machine' Based on 1977 Yamaha XS650

Talented illustrator Hill Hudson is studying at the College of Art in Portland, Oregon. This year, he had to pass a thesis, which involves the creation of illustration. However, Hill decided to do something unusual: “I guess I’m the first to ever do this in the history of the 100 plus years the school has been running” he says. “This thesis will be documented and stored in the library here in Portland and will go down as the first art school breakdown and construction of a motorcycle in a gallery setting at this school”.

Hudson Hill Project details:

Donor Yamaha XS650 1977 – inexpensive bike, as well as the perfect “canvas” for creativity
Frame: redone, digested in Hardtail, shot-blasted and painted
Rear wing Lowbrow Customs
Homemade mounting saddles, wing, headlight, tank
Fuel bike Honda CL77: painted in blue color + of custom icons «Escape Machine» (hand painted)
Homemade saddle stitched on an industrial sewing machine
Headlight of the old tractor, homemade bracket
Renovated engine

'Escape Machine' Pictures

'Escape Machine'  seat

'Escape Machine' Kick

'Escape Machine' Logo

'Escape Machine' on stand

'Escape Machine' advertisment poster

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