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Chinese Limousine scooter
7 years ago

Electric Scooter Style Limousine From China

Chinese Limousine scooter

The street limousine which has always been the means of the rich, but recently, Lanbei a four-wheel company at China has launched an electric scooter-style model limousine that can bring 12 passengers at once. The bike has been exported to some European countries with a price tag of 150,000 yuan ($23,484).

The stretch electric scooter measures about 4.7 meters in length. It weighs about one ton and gives an impressive mileage of 400 km once it has been fully charged. This amazing invention comes at a time as the China is facing horrible traffic snarls with commuters sometimes being stuck in a jam for days at a time.

Stretched electric scooter from China

Chinese Limousine scooter rides green

Chinese Limousine scooter

Source: ChinaDaily

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