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Electric Motorcycle Zero SR 2014
6 years ago

Electric Motorcycle Zero SR 2014

Electric Motorcycle Zero SR 2014

In recent years, the quantities of electric motorcycles are increasing, while the company “Zero Motorcycles” gradually improving and developing their products. For the new season 2014 American manufacturer has prepared a new electric motorcycle Zero SR. It is developed based on the model Zero S. Novelty is equipped with an electric motor of 67 hp and a torque of 144 Nm, which is enough for a maximum speed of 170 km/h.

Girl on Electric Zero SR

Electric Zero SR comes with a new 660- amp controller, which will increase the capacity in comparison with the Zero S is 24%, and torque is upto 56%. Motor supply batteries provide capacity 11.4 kWh In addition, you can install an additional package of batteries with a capacity 2.8 kWh to increase the range from 220 km to 275 km ( in the city) or from 112 km to 142 km ( highway).

Electric Zero SR Handle, Mirror and Fuel Tank

Each year, increasing the efficiency of electric motorcycles, and Zero SR is quite worthy of the city bike. As for the chassis, the suspension parts, brakes and other components rather traditional – many of them can be found on motorcycles from other manufacturers. The design of Zero SR made in the best traditions of the “Zero Motorcycles”. In the U.S., the novelty will be priced at $ 16,995 ($ 19,490 with the optional battery module).

Electric Zero SR 2014 Back side

Electric Zero SR and Biker

Electric Zero SR and Rider

Electric Zero SR back light

Electric Zero SR below side

Electric Zero SR front side

Electric Zero SR Images

Electric Zero SR LOGO

Electric Zero SR on Road

Electric Zero SR Photos

Electric Zero SR Pics

Electric Zero SR Pictures

Santa Cruz, California

Biker on Electric Zero SR

Biker with Electric Zero SR

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