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Custom Honda Jet CB750K on stand pictures
6 years ago

El Centinela, Custom Honda Jet CB750K Review and Pictures

Custom Honda Jet CB750K on stand pictures

Ramon Jimenez from the workshop “El Centinela Motorcycles” in Puerto Rico has built a luxurious custom bike “Honda Jet CB750K” inspired by Honda Jet, “the world’s most advanced light jet”,

Ramon Jimenez writes: “In 2011, I started to remodel Honda CB750K 1978 in custom design, dedicated to the first Honda Jet. Motorcycle standing under a tree when we found him. I bought it for $ 250. Condition – trash. Many details are rusted through, and the engine was broken.”

Custom Honda Jet CB750K

Ramon repaired crankcase, brushed and all the sand blasting, while Luis Marquez colored powder-red Ferrari. Wheels, spokes, hubs, engine covers, running boards and fenders painted black. The remaining components of Noel Ruiz of “Lockario Paint” repainted the Honda Jet color.

Custom Honda Jet CB750K front light

Custom Honda Jet CB750K Fuel Tank

Custom Honda Jet CB750K Helmet

External Power of Custom Honda Jet CB750K

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