DKW Hummel Classic Motorcycles

1964 DKW Hummel

1964 DKW Hummel

When the DKW Hummel motorcycle was first introduced to the public, the European motoring press dubbed it the “Tin Banana.” With a sleek, science-fiction shape and well-placed bright work, it was a definite step up from the humble moped. DKW motorcycles used 2-stroke engines which were technically advanced.

Hummel motorcycle uses drum brakes front and rear, an integrated fuel tank/head light and the engine sat concealed under a stylish shroud. Check out the interesting photos about DKW Hummel motorcycles below:

1964 DKW Hummel

DKW Hummel 1961

1961 DKW Hummel

DKW Hummel 1964

DKW Hummel 1964 engine

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