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Devil Bike Concept Motorcycle
7 years ago

Devil Bike Concept Motorcycle with V-Twin Engine

Devil Bike Concept Motorcycle

A Young American industrial designer Robert Liddell has come up with a unique bike design called The Devil Bike that promise an exciting as well as comfortable biking experience to the riders. It features a top-mounted petrol tank, V-twin engine and lowered seating.

The design of this concept bike is unique from both the front and rear view. The front end has been designed as a “reverse springer” and the design of the body follows an artistic flow. This metallic black bike is especially designed for young generation that will give you both speed and style. Take a look!

Unique Devil Bike Concept Motorcycle with V-Twin Engine

Rhino V-twin Devil bike

Robert Liddell’s Devil Bike

Devil Bike with V-Twin Engine

Designer : Robert Liddell

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