This Bike BMX Water Landing
4 years ago

The 12 Epic Cycling Fail GIFs

Its reality that not every day goes same as our plans and expectations. But to these people today is probably the worst day of their life. They fail cycling and fail it ridiculously.

1. Probably The Worst Day Of Her Life

This Bike BMX Water Landing

2. This Cyclist Who Tried To Be a Show Off

Bike How Not to

3. This Epic Bike Fail Log

This Bike Fail Log

4. This Bike Flip Fail

This Bike Flip Fail

5. This Bike Kid Guard Rail Fail

This Bike Kid Guard Rail

6. Who is responsible? Mom or Kid?

This Bike Kid Pole

7. This Bike Lane Rider

This Bike Lane Rider

8. This Ridiculous Start Push

This Bike Push Start

9. Things Went Totally Against The Plan

this cyclist

10. This Show Off Cyclist Gets Karma

This Cyclist Running It With No Hands

11. This Unexpected Accident

This unexpected accident

12. This Epic Face-plant

this kid

GIFs source: tumblr, 4gifs and gifbin.

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