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Custom Yamaha XS650 Acid King by Left Hand Cycles
6 years ago

Custom Yamaha XS650 Acid King by Left Hand Cycles

Custom Yamaha XS650 Acid King by Left Hand Cycles

To create something unique, first have to break sometime. An example is a custom-bike Acid King, built by “Left Hand Cycles” guys. In the past, Dutch experts have proven themselves to be adherents of minimalism, which eventually became their proprietary chip. In this case, the LHC redistributed motorcycle Yamaha XS650, one of the most popular among fans of customizing bikes. The fact that the Japanese motorcycle is equipped with a fine-line engine and a chassis that easily lends itself to customization.

Yamaha XS650 Acid King by LHC

This time, Yamaha XS650 is remade in custom in the style of “Mad Max”, while the fuel tank is certainly a key element of the design. He has a special finish for rust, through which iron the old bike in the literal sense of the word. The design of the bike also has elements of scrambler (seat) and a cafe racer (vintage pens), so custom looks really cool and unusual.

Other details: conical filters of zero resistance, Customize exhaust with thermal tape, and more.

Yamaha XS650 Acid King on stand images

Yamaha XS650 Acid King Pictures

Yamaha XS650 Acid King Front side photos

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