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Custom CRD Triumph Bonneville
7 years ago

Custom Triumph Bonneville by CRD

Custom CRD Triumph Bonneville

We have discussed multiple custom motorcycles that got popularity but today we also want to draw attention to another interesting custom Triumph Bonneville, which just recently rolled out of the workshop in Madrid.

Pedro Garcia opened the shop “Cafe Racer Dreams” a few years ago, but has already managed to convert two dozen motorcycles and is not going to stop there. There is nothing supernatural in the project Triumph Bonneville there, although everything is done as always great. CRD experts did not attempt to change the style or class of the British motorcycle and just tried to emphasize and improve the features of the factory bike.

All Photos of Custom CRD Triumph Bonneville

First, they have altered the donor bike subframe to accommodate the vintage saddle, covered with brown leather. New seat is a little thicker original, more comfortable and convenient.

Other parts of the project:

• 18-inch wheels
• Tires Dunlop K180
• K & N Filters
• Custom exhaust 2 in 2
• Wings and mount the battery made by hand
• CRD: headlight, tail light, wide steering wheel controls with the controls and wiring hidden within
• Simplified wiring

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