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German carp and Federico Lozada
5 years ago

Custom Triumph Bobber by Herencia Custom Garage

German carp and Federico Lozada

Bobber Triumph Thruxton is a 22nd draft of Argentine based customizers German carp and Federico Lozada from “Herencia Custom Garage “. They have extensive experience in customizing to remake many motorcycles. In the case of Triumph Bobber they understood the concept of motorcycle and thought through every detail, so it looks so harmonious and beautiful – nothing superfluous, handsome in detail.

German Carp: “To start, we focused in cutting the frame in half and building the entire rigid subframe. The length of the bike remains stock; we don’t want to change the geometry a lot. Then we adapted an old Triumph fuel tank to the new frame and placed a solo seat with adjustable air bags with a compressor to soften such stiffness.”

Specifications of Bobber Triumph:

  • 16-inch rear wheel from Harley
  • Throttle cable inside the handle + rigid mount brake and clutch levers
  • Front disc brake, brake master cylinder is hidden under the fuel tank
  • Japanese head light, tail light, Lowbrow
  • Lithium battery, all the electronics hidden in false oil tank + connectivity or GPS Smartphone

In general, Herencia Custom Garage # 22 is a Bobber modern classic design!

Triumph Bobber by Herencia Custom Garage

Triumph Bobber by Herencia Custom Garage Photos

Custom Triumph Bobber

Custom Triumph Bobber handle

Custom Triumph Bobber LOGO

Custom Triumph Bobber Seat

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