Custom Suzuki GN250 by Marcelo Obarrio

Suzuki GN250 pictures

Suzuki GN250 pictures

Marcelo Obarrio lives in Buenos Aires, working in his studio “STG Bikes”. He makes parts, dirt, jump and fixie cycle frame for off-road bikes. He has branched out into the world of petrol power. Custom Suzuki GN250 is his third project.

Custom Suzuki GN250 Features:

Donor: Suzuki GN250 1994 with mileage 19,000 km
Wheels: 18-inch
Tires: Bridgestones Gritty ED-02
Tidy: a small speedometer
Suspension: new anthers, native plug, new shock absorbers
Fuel tank: Suzuki GN, modified
Saddle: homemade, brown leather
Filter: K & N
Exhaust: Customize

Custom Suzuki GN250 by Marcelo Obarrio

Custom Suzuki GN250 Fuel Tank

Suzuki GN250 back light

Suzuki GN250 Engine

Suzuki GN250 front and meter

Suzuki GN250 front light

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