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Custom BMW R80 on stand pics
6 years ago

Custom BMW R80 By 7 Ages

Custom BMW R80 By 7 Ages

British master Ian Solly of ” 7 Ages “built unusual custom based on BMW R80. Almost every detail of the motorcycle converted or replaced. For example, the frame is converted into a hardtail, and the power is taken from the Harley-Davidson FXD. Ian has always specialized in bikes of Milwaukee, but could not miss the restored motorcycle BMW R80, which was sold on eBay for just 1,350 pounds.

Details BMW R80:

Hardtail frame – work of David Batchelor British company P & D
Redesigned fuel tank under the frame design
Fenders, seat and side panels cladding – done work by Dave
Repaired the engine and Karbi – Ian Solly
Supertrapp silencers
Customize wheel
Oberon turn signals and mirrors
Light HD
Speedometer Motogadget
23-inch wheels Taylor-Made Wheels (5 inches more runoff)

Custom BMW R80 bike

Custom BMW R80 clear veiw

Custom BMW R80 engine

Custom BMW R80 FRont light

Custom BMW R80 Fuel Tank

Custom BMW R80 Handle

Custom BMW R80 images

Custom BMW R80 on stand pics

Custom BMW R80 on stand

Custom BMW R80 Pictures

Custom BMW R80 side photos

Custom BMW R80 upper veiw

Custom BMW R80

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